Who are these qualifications for?

The CMI Level 4 qualifications in Management and Leadership are designed for established junior managers and those aspiring middle managers who wish to develop their skills focussing on making effective use of information in decision making, operations and the development of skills in managing people.

These qualifications are derived from the National Occupational Standards for Management and Leadership and are accredited on the UK national qualifications framework.

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Level 4 – Award in Management & Leadership


Start on the right track... Develop your knowledge and focus on the key skills required in management and leadership at a junior level.

To achieve this qualification, you need to complete at least one unit with a minimum value of 6 credits.

CMI Level 4 – Certificate in Management & Leadership


Take things further... Enhance your capabilities further and take a more extensive look at the requirements needed to be an effective manager in your organisation.

To achieve this qualification, you need to complete any combination of units to achieve a minimum of 13 credits.

CMI Level 4 – Diploma in Management & Leadership


Jump right in... The Diploma offers a full suite of competencies required for you to become the manager you need to be, both for your own professional development and to benefit your organisation long-term.

To achieve this qualification, you need to complete Units 4001V1, 4002V1, 4003V1, and 5001V1 plus at least three other units to achieve a minimum of 39 credits.





Managing styles & behaviours

You will learn how to understand the assumptions about human nature and managerial behaviour. How management style can influence managerial behaviour and understand the need to apply a range of management styles.



Managing stakeholder expectation

You will learn how to understand and identify organisational stakeholders, to understand their expectations and to develop services offerings to meet these requirements.



Understanding organisational culture, values and behaviour

You will learn to understand the concept of organisational culture, the impacts of values that underpin individual and organisational performance. To be able to understand the relationship between values and behaviour.



Understanding team dynamics

You will learn the differences between groups and teams; to understand the concept of formal & informal group norms; to understand group development & maturity and how to manage remote, displaced or virtual teams.



Management report writing

You will learn to understand the purpose of management reporting, how to construct a management report and to understand the collection and analysis of data and information required for a written management report.



Management & leadership influencing skills

You will learn to understand the sources of authority and leadership influence and the skills involved in applying it. Be able to understand the application of delegation and empowerment.



Managing interviews

You will learn to understand the contexts of an interview, the associated skills and techniques and, how to summarise and close interviews.



Promoting equality and diversity

You will understand the legislation, regulations, policies, and codes of practice relevant to equality and diversity. Understand how organisational and individual behaviour affects individuals and team and how to encourage equality and diversity in others.



You will understand the role of staff inspection reviews and to be able to plan such reviews. To understand the major element to be considered when work is undertaken and organised  and to understand workload grading and job evaluation assessment.



Being a leader

You will learn about ethical and value-based approaches to leadership, different styles of leadership and how to motivate your team to achieve objectives.



Introduction to management coaching & mentoring

You will learn about introducing the practice of management coaching and mentoring.


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Progression Opportunities

On successful completion of a Level 4 qualification in Management & Leadership QCF, a number of progression opportunities become available including progression on to the next level of Institute qualifications – The Level 5 qualifications in Management and Leadership QCF.

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