Chartered Manager

Why should I become a Chartered Manager?

Chartered Managers make an essential economic contribution to the UK economy and businesses. In uncertain times, never has it been more important to ensure that all UK managers are professionally qualified to the highest level.

Impact on individuals

Over the five years following Chartership, individuals typically benefit in terms of career development, promotion, job satisfaction and significant salary enhancements (£32,000 to £65,000).

Impact on businesses

Typically, organisations will benefit from a more capable individual/manager with a proven track record of operational performance improvement, cost reductions and change innovation. On average, Chartered Managers boost their business’ revenue by £62,000 in the first year and £310,000 over five years.

Impact on the economy

Each new Chartered Manager sees a contribution to the UK economy of approximately £22,400 per annum.

Becoming a Chartered Manager

In addition to being an Approved Training Centre, Aquarius Training & Development Partners is also a Chartered Manager Assessment Centre.

Learners achieving a minimum of Diploma level at Level 5, 6 or 7 and have a minimum of 3 Years Management experience are, eligible to apply for the Professional standing as a Chartered Manager and Member of the CMI and so use the Post-nominals CMgr. MCMI. by way of the Exemption Route.

The exemption upgrade builds upon the knowledge and expertise demonstrated through completion of your qualification.

Assessment is undertaken by completion of a written submission, detailing the learning gained, the improvement in your management practice and the positive, measurable contribution you have made to your organisation

Benefits of this route

  • Quick and efficient way of becoming Chartered
  • The most cost-effective route to Chartership for those who meet the requirements
  • Recognition of the competence demonstrated through gaining the CMI Level 5 Diploma (or higher)


“Becoming a Chartered Manager was a personal aspiration as my previous highest qualifications were trade based. The new approaches to management I learnt through achieving Chartered status and then brought to my day to day role were reflected in increased remuneration from my company. Getting Chartered has been one of my career highlights.”

Andrew Hughes MA CMgr MCMI – Dean, University of the Arts Fashion Business School

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