50 Basics to Successful Project Management (5 Days)

This 5-day programme will take you through a full understand of what a project is and what is project management, It will introduce you to techniques and processes which will enable you to lead a project team or work as a part of a project team.

Candidates will explore and learn the following:

  • The vocabulary of project management
  • The role and responsibilities for the project team
  • Identifying and knowing your key stakeholders and how to understand their requirements
  • Identifying project resource requirements and costs
  • Recruiting the essential skills team members
  • Ideas generation and evaluation
  • Formulation of plans and determining likely timescales for delivery
  • Developing Gantt carts, network diagrams, budgets and cash flows
  • Techniques for enhancing communication skills
  • Determining risks inherent within a project and their mitigation
  • Monitoring project progress and reporting to the key stakeholders
  • Steps for project closure, reflection and learning and the release of the resources at project end

This programme will be run at our Deeside training facilities. Refreshments will be available throughout each day and also a light buffet lunch.


The cost of this programme is £840 plus VAT (payable against a pro-forma invoice before programme commencement).


These programmes can be run at times to suit client needs. To book or make an enquiry please get in touch using the form below.

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